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You have rights as a worker in Massachusetts
              and we will fight for them.

Contact us for a free consultation (and free parking)
if any of the following apply to you:
  • I am not being paid my wages for all my work and overtime hours.
  • My employer calls me an "independent contractor."
  • My employer calls me an "exempt employee."
  • My employer calls me a "salaried employee."
  • I have to work through my lunch or break time.
  • I have to work "off the clock".
  • I do not get my salary on time.
  • I do not get my commissions.
  • I do not get my expenses.
  • I did not get my severance pay on termination.
  • I did not get paid for unused vacation on termination.
If you are concerned about these or other employment issues, contact us for a
free consultation to advise you about your right to money damages.

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